In case anyone missed the incredible webinar hosted by international leader Eric Allen with special guest Matt Morris (International Marketing Director with WorldVentures) here it is. Matt shared some incredible training on the "10 laws of leadership" which has enabled him to become a multi-millionaire and the second top earner in WorldVentures. Make you set aside 45 minutes to view this and have a notepad and pen handy.

Download transcript of the 10 laws of leadership

Here is what others thought of the webinar:

Jon Jackson: WOW now THAT was some Webinar !! Excellent 

Anita Vroonland : Thanks so much Matt & Eric. Awesome!

Tony Warde: Great webinar Eric and Matt, thanks. Matt, maybe ‘another’ "The Secret", and as you were pointing out, is not just "Belief" but the belief in actually seeing (picture) and feeling oneself having achieved the end result (the why) which drives one on to "Action" – so, without ‘belief’ what does one do!?

Britt-Marie Mertz: POWERFUL WEBINAR. Thanks Eric and Matt

Ilknur Erdas-Schierholt:
Thank You Matt for sharing, can’t wait to meet you in person!

Thomas Eve: Matt really NAILED it!

Konrad Konradsson: Thank you Eric and Matt! Awesome!!!!

Shush Arya:
Excellent webinar Eric and Matt!!

Chris Dorgeat:
Bloody brilliant guys!

Stan Shapiro: great webinar eric

Jim Sereney:
Great webinar today with Matt Morris.