If you missed the broadcast the recording is now up at:
(Look out for Shush’s dodgy hat ;o)

Comments from the viewers
James Lee: wow!!!
Maria Corby: excellent
Maria Corby: Brilliant Shush, valuable as always
Gilly: great webcast, thx very much SHush
Elinor in Surbiton: Great,  Very inspiring.  Thanks
Lee Atlanta ga: I love the nanook of the north look! Love the hat!
Rich: Brilliant Shush as always….!!!
Kasia: Great and very valuable Shush, thank you so much, it is a learning experience and motivational booster each week! THANK YOU!
Mary: Thanx for the push Shush. Great !
Andras: Shush – it was one of the greatest. You have a lots of fire ..!
Paul Everard: Brilliant Shush
Jon Majeika: Excellent information tonight Shush and very impressed with James presenting from Singapore at 4am!
Martin Braddy: Very useful…loved the hat!
Chrystel: Great, thaks Shush! fab hat!!
Josie: Wonderful and great to be working from home with these special weather conditions
Tony Warde: You are always most helpful and interesting Shush, thanks.
Mikail Mokuena: Thanks Shush…tadaa
Carmen in Texas: Thanks, Shush! Exceptional as always!
Valerie: Always worth listening into.  Thanks
Michal & Ania: SPASIBA 🙂