If you missed the team WorldVentures broadcast with Peter Powderham and Shush Arya, the recording is now up at:

Comments from the viewers:
Ronny van Berge the Netherlands: great tool guys..
davorin: super!
rhyker: yeah it’s amazing!
Beata Podani: Hello from Beata:)
Mark Van Horn: Great job Iztok and Oneill
Mark Van Horn: Training is amazing GO IN APRIL!!
Deb from North Dakota: Hey Shush! Great meeting you in Vegas! Can’t wait to meet you Peter!
Deb from North Dakota: Wonderful Broadcast! Exciting Business!
Clare: Loved it – great information and guidance
PR: Great  meeting
davorin: thanks for very nice news!!!
Claassen Michael: Super Shush!
Bjorn Iceland: Brilliant 🙂
peter saunders: thanks shush
Evette: fantastic & HUGE thanks
Elinor in Surbiton: You are so appreciated Shush
Ann Davenport: Thank you Gentlemen.
Ronny van Berge the Netherlands: great guys…. thanks for the information. See you soon. Greetings from the Netherlands
Beata: really good
Konrad: Great call, very motivational!  Great to see so many from Iceland – Thanks team!
Josie: great advice and thanks Shush you rock
anja: thank you
Zoltan: Thank You Very Much
james lee, singapore: Go Go Go, TeamSystemOnline!!!!
Clare: Love the electronic support Shush – thank you
Chris Dorgeat: Thanks guys! 🙂
Anne & Sheila: good to hear from you both, love these broadcasts – ty Shush, looking forward to seeing and asking questions on saturday
Rich: Brilliant Value..guys..Thank you very much..:-)
From Chelmsford: Great value, very beneficial & see you all on Sat
Mary Sneddon: Thanks guys . Really helpful.
charles from london: awesome stuff… keep it up.. and see you at the top
james lee, singapore: Thanks, Peter & Shush!!!!
Maria: We love Shush!
Carmen: Quaility content! Thanks Peter and Shush
Mark Van Horn: great advice given …NOW will you take it and  RUN with it!!!! Don’t forget your WHY!!!! Thanks Shush and Peter!
Beata Podani: Thank You Sush & Peter:) You’re so great 🙂
tonywarde liverpool: You guys are great. Glad to see and hear you’re better Shush. We love the site with all the most helpful content – WELL DONE and THANK YOU Shush!
Manorita: thanks for the great information !!
Clare: WOW on Hong Kong!
Elinor in Surbiton: Fantastic thank you guys. See you Saturday.
Ronny van Berge the Netherlands: ciao…
From Chelmsford: Well thank you too guys..
JJ in Surrey: Thank you guys – see you Saturday 🙂
Maria: Thank you so much Peter and Shush X
chichi: Thank you for keeping me ispired
BrittMarie MErtz: Awesome!   Yeh