If you missed the team WorldVentures broadcast the recording is now up at:

Eric Allen was our guest speaker and he shared some incredible insights how he has built one of the fastest growing teams in WorldVentures worldwide.

Some viewers comments:
iztok: perfeckt
James Lee, Singapore: LOVE you, Eric!!!
Rich: Brilliant Eric….!
Carmen: AWESOME! Eric….
Dennis Beeson: Great, Eric !!
Martin Braddy: Great job Eric
Stella in East Sussex: Awesome Eric – thanks
JJ in Sutton :): Mind boggling 🙂 great
Gilly London: Thx very much Eric that was great
Gary: thanks Eric, really told it like it is, fantastic!
Jeb Bagley: Thanks for the advice Eric.   You’re awesome
kelli indy: great job eric..kelli
Lucas Hornsby: Truly blessed to be a part of this team.. goodness gracious it is awesome.
Tony Warde Liverpool: Eric, Great wisdom! Thank you again!
Tony Warde Liverpool: Shush, thanks for putting together,yet another, fantastic and most helpful live webcast.
Randy O: awesome…thanks eric and shush
Johnny from Wimbledon: Thanks Shush. Great training, as ever.
Caroline: Thanks Shush, its great to be close to the fire! Thanks again Eric
Dr Wu Yi Che: it was awesome shush.. great energy as always eric !!!
Carmen: Absolutely outstanding! thanks guys!
James Lee, Singapore: as always…fantastic call each time!!!
Rich: Supurb Many Thanks Shush & Eric..!
Chrystel: thanks Shush always great training!
Dennis Beeson: Awesome !
Gary: thanks Shush, great insight