If you missed the team WorldVentures broadcast the recording is now up at:

Pedja Terzin was a guest speaker for the first time and shared an incredible story about the troubles he encountered on his recent trip to Greece and how WorldVentures helped him out.

Some viewers comments:
Mike from PA: Awesome Job Pedja!!
Evette: fantastic
James Lee, SG: Great one!!!
Martin Braddy: Thanks Pedja
Mikail Mokuena: Good stuff Pedja
Rich: Brilliant Pedja… 🙂
Caroline Barnet: thanks Pedja
Josie & Michael: love it Pedja .. you rock
Gordon Attard: Well Done Pedja
Joseph OnAMission Colvin: AWESOME Pedja, super kick butt sotry 🙂
Pedja: I aammmm exciiiteeed 🙂 than you guyyyyssss……
Mary Sneddon: Fantastic , Thank youPedja
Joseph OnAMission Colvin: hey Shush, thanks for having us
Mike from PA: Thanks James. You’re a trooper!!
Joseph OnAMission Colvin: that was awesome, thank you james, im excited after hearing you and Pedja share your stories, thats awesome
Mary Sneddon: Thanks James.  So exciting .
Mikail Mokuena: Thanks  a lot James..UR a star
Craig in Michigan: I’m with you Peter.  No one knows who we are yet!
Lesley in Spain: Brilliant James & Pedja!!!
Josie & Michael: wonderful James thanks and good luck in August
Clare Appleyard: Great stuff Pedja and James – thank you so much!
Johnny Bouchier: Fantastic. Well done guys.
Mike from PA: Both guys were just great. Thanks!!
Evette: great energy
Stella in East Sussex: Brilliant – thanks
Craig in Michigan: Excellent James!
James Lee, SG: Thank you everyone….
Valerie: Thanks James and Pedja.  Great "meeting" you.
Zoltan –  HU: Thank you both of you guys
Tony Warde Liverpool: Thanks James, and for the S’Pore invite. Well done!
Rich: Amazing info guys Many Thanks!
Mary Sneddon: Truly inspiring !
Kriszta: it was amazing! Thank you!
Tony Warde Liverpool: Shush, we love your weekly meetings! Thank You!
Craig in Michigan: Brilliant as always Shush!  Thanks so much!
Mikail Mokuena: Great host Shush…energy packed eve..
Martin Braddy: Great value Shush!
Joseph OnAMission Colvin: I thought today was very inspiring, I really want to ensure I get EVERYONE i know on the next live call, you guys are awesome
Martin Pringle: Tonight’s broadcast was excellent – great information and insight
Mike from PA: Shush, great as always. Thanks so much for you and Peter’s mentoring
Caroline Barnet: Great listening! thanks to all!
Paul Horsley USA: Nice job!  Keep up the good work… See you in Vegas…
Cindy & Mavis, Calgary Canada: Great as usual, always find value in the presentations. Great info team!!!
Peter Powderham: GREAT Leadership!!!!!!!
Clare Appleyard: Really useful info
Jide Ladipo from Kent UK: insightful as always inspiring story by pedja and mike