If you missed the team WorldVentures broadcast the recording is now up at:

A special video message from James Lee who missed being on a speaker on the broadcast is at http://youtu.be/NaMz8lul_Z4

Some Viewer Comments:
Mavis in Calgary: Great to see such enthusiasm!!!
Mavis in Calgary: Congrats James!!!!
Jon Majeika, UK: Congratulations James!
Aldrin: woohoo james
Jodie McGovern: Congrats James
Aldrin: congrats!!!
Martin Braddy of Steyning: Congrats James!
Zoltan HU: Massive Congratulations James !!
Aldrin: congratzzz my bro!
Evette in North London: Congrats James!
Anita: Congratulations James!
Eva Urban SE: Congrats James!
Nancy-Anne: hurray for james!
Gordon Attard: Congrats James.
Mandy Portelli: Congrats James!!
Mavis in Calgary: still celebrating
Don in San Francisco: Congratulations, James!
Mavis in Calgary: Yeah Eric, you are the man!!!
Jodie McGovern: WOW!
Andrej SLOVENIJA: Congratulation Eric
Evette in North London: Fantastic Eric!!!
Mavis in Calgary: He’s looking like he fits the title
Don Bassey: Fantastic, Eric!
Eva Urban SE: Congrats Eric!!
Martin Braddy of Steyning: Well done Eric!
Aldrin: congrats eric bro! 🙂
Evette in North London: sweet!!!!
Jodie McGovern: Fantastic!
Martin Pringle: Peter, after seeing you on Saturday, I am now creating that storm!!!
Jodie McGovern: Sounds Fantastic!!
Martin Pringle: I’m gonna lose my MARBLES!!!
Jodie McGovern: I want some of that lol!!
Jodie McGovern: WOW!
Aldrin: WOW
Andrej SLO: Mitja is the STARyes
Jon Majeika, UK: Congratulations Eric!
Aldrin: hey ericcc
Aldrin: woohooo
Mary Sneddon: Well One Eric !
Mavis in Calgary: Way to go ERIC
Anita: Congrates Eric!
Zoltan HU: Congrats ERic!
Willan: Hey Eric, CongratsWill
Don Bassey: Awesome, Eric!
Jon Majeika, UK: What a team!
Eric Allen (in Virginia): Thanks, friends…just getting started!
Cindy Chrenek Calgary: Have fun Eric Kyle Kim and Kenny and the rest of the team!! Wish I was with you!!
TOMAZ JERAJ: love you shush and peter
Mary Sneddon: Truly inspiring. Thank you guys.
Martin Pringle: Exciting!!!!!
Cindy Chrenek Calgary: Great Presentation!!
Jodie McGovern: Thank you great you two!!!
Aldrin: Awesome presentation!!
Mavis in Calgary: You guys are having too much fun. Thanks for the time
Willan: Thanks for the inspiring chat
Victor ruttoh: great presentation
Gordon Attard: Supeb Guys
Martin Braddy of Steyning: Thanks….great Super Saturday also