If you missed the team WorldVentures broadcast the recording is now up at:

Some Viewer Comments:
Kim Evans: Our Company is the CREAM of the CROP!
Jodie McGovern Catterick: WOW thats fantastic!!!!
Clare Appleyard: Sounds bloody fantastic
Dr. Kyle: great stuff
Mavis in Calgary: Well worth it. Your enthusiams is oozing out of the computer!!
Kim Evans: Awesome!
Jodie McGovern Catterick: FANTASTIC!!
Jon Majeika, UK: FANTASTIC!  Thank you!
Rich: Fantastic Amazing what’s going on 🙂
Alfs Spain: Thanks for all this…all sounds fantastic
Clive Sutton in Somerset: And i thought last Saturday’s training in London was awesome!
Martin Braddy from Steyning: Very exciting….many thanks
Dennis Beeson: Thanks!!  Great broadcast
Kasia: Fantastic news! Thank you!
Stella in Eastbourne: Awesome
Lesley in Spain: AMAZING!!!!!