If you missed the team WorldVentures broadcast the recording is now up at:

Some Viewer Comments:
Mary Sneddon: Thank you so much Eric !
Yann: Thanks Eric
James Lee, SG: LOVE THE MAN!!!! TO THE CORE!!!!
Sir Dube: Thank you Eric
Pete Powderham: Eris Allen IS The REAL DEAL!!!!
Rich: Brilliant advice Eric:-)
Eric Hall: Thanks Eric
Mandy Portelli: Thanks Eric!
Chris Dorgeat: Thanks Eric!
Dr. Kyle: awesome
Anna&Michal Gawron: Thank you Eric ! You rock !!!
James Lee, SG: yeah. see you all there!!!
James Lee, SG: yeah. why would anyone not be there????
Pete Powderham: You are THE Party Animal Shush.  So proud to have you as my business partner.
James Lee, SG: see you all in BOTH!!!
Eric: Yeah, Cancun is going to ROCK!!!
James Lee, SG: DONE it already bro!
Eric: http://www.vipmegatrip.com
Chris Dorgeat: Brilliant broadcast guys, thanks!
Cindy and Mavis…Calgary: Great presentation!!
Stella in Eastbourne, East Sussex: Awesome, thanks
James Lee, SG: simply amazing!!!! thank you Shush and Eric!!!!
Hello all from Iceland.: Fantastic.
Jodie McGovern: Thanks Shush fantastic!
Rich: Fantasic  Thanks Shush and Eric.;-)
Athena: Great as always!!! Thank you!!!!
Chrystel, Bracknell, UK: Great thank you Shush as always!
Jon Majeika, UK: Excellent guys. What a team!
Richard Lalonde: Thanks Shush, and Eric!   Want to meet you both!
Zoltan: Thank you very much !
Marko BG: Have FUN!
Yann: Good bye shsuh!
Martin Braddy: Thank you
James Lee, SG: you too shush!!!