If you missed the team WorldVentures broadcast with Peter Powderham & Shush Arya, the recording is now up at:

Some viewers comments:
Jon Majeika – Dorset UK: Commitment – Doing the thing you said you were going to do long after the mood that you said it in has left you.
Anna&Michael/London: but it was awesome, thank you for delivering Shush!
Rich: Your 30 minutes was pricessless Shush…:-)
Evette from North london: it was amazing, our best Super Saturday yet, That subject resonated with evryone
James Lee, Singapore: get pass the valley of death….success is there…reach out!!!!
Susanne: Shush rocks!
Craig in Michigan: Perfect sense Shush!
Jon Majeika – Dorset UK: Brilliant Shush
Evette from North london: great talk Shush,
Craig in Michigan: Must be having fun Shush!!
Pam in Seattle: Are you considering doing webinar get four?
mavis in calgary: As always great presentation
Tony Warde Liverpool UK: Thank you Maestro – another great training evening! Good evening Girls and Boys!
Susanne: Awersome shush…)
Craig in Michigan: Excellent as always Shush!!
Chris – Jersey: Great – thank you Shush!
James Lee, Singapore: Thank you Shush!!!
Martin Braddy in Steyning: Thanks for your time Shush
Zoltan HU: Thank you Shush ! It was really helpful and give me focus on first 100
Craig in Michigan: Best to you Shush!!