If you missed the team WorldVentures broadcast the recording is now up at:

Some Viewer Comments:
Renata: great james!
Anita: Thanks James, great!
Lesley in Spain: Way to go James!!!
Jeff Lindikoff Oregon: Great stuff James. Thank you!!
Evette: thank u James that was fab 🙂
Mikail Mokuena: Amazing James, Thanks and mostly appreciated
Pam in WA: James, you are very energetic. Thanks for sharing.
mary Sneddon: Thanks James, you’re a star !
Gordon (Malta): Superb
aini from Singapore: James you’ve awesome !!
Pete Powderham: Great Stuff James.  Convention 2012 is YOURS!!
aini from Singapore: ell done James…You make us proud !!!
Tony K: super
Jodie McGovern Catterick: Thnks Shush and James great stuff!!
Mikail Mokuena: Shush.. all great as ever. Thanks
Zoltan HU: It was a great evening !