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Some Viewer Comments:
pedja: Great storry! Can’t wait to meet you in person bro!
Brian Coutch: Love it!
Lesley in Spain: Fantastic JC!! Amazing story x
GaryM in Zummerzet: great stuff JC, thanks
Athena: THANKS JC!!!!!
Dr Wu Yi Che: great story JC. 0-40 and you kept going. !!!
Cindy: whoo hoo
mary Sneddon: Brilliant JC. So encouraging !
Martin Braddy: Great tenacity JC
dr kyle: he is also alot of fun to hang out with 🙂
Randy O USA: JC great leadership, focus, and story. keep on keeping on!
Don Bassey: Excellent!!!!
carmen: right on, JC, fantastic!
Jon Majeika – UK: Fantastic story and great advice. Keep going guys, good things come to those that persist!
Valerie from Wimbledon: Great advise JC. thanks for sharing your story, and nice "meeting you".
Eva Urban (Sweden): Thanks JC!
Ivica Gradisek: Great story. I feel the same.
Tony Kaye: great call Shush
Mike in PA: Always a pleasure, Shush! Thanks again!
Renata Budapest: Thank you Shush 🙂
GaryM in Zummerzet: thanks Shush, JC you were awaesome
Chrystel, Bracknell UK: thanks Shush, magnifique as usual!!
JJ in Sutton: Cheers Shush.. Excellent Tx JC
Cindy: Thanks for a great broadcast!! Awesome
Zoltan HU: success is vibrating here
Dr Wu Yi Che: thank ou JC, Thank you Shush !!!!
mary Sneddon: Thank you soooooo much. Fantastic ! xxx
Kim Evans: JC thank you for your message Great stuff!
Don Bassey: Awesome presentation today!
Egzeus Spain: Thank you shush once again for a great broadcast
Ivica Gradisek: Thank you Shush..Good night
Dennis Beeson: fantastic, JC..  thank you Shush
Lesley in Spain: Fantastic guys – many thanks!
dr kyle: you guys rocked it!
Clive Sutton: Great broadcast Shush, from darkest Zummerzet
Brian Coutch: Thanks Shush, as a new member, this was very helpful.
Martin Braddy: Excellent…thanks
Sigurður: this is great stuff thanx
Mikail Mokuena: Loved it all the way ..Brilliant stuff Shush
Renata Budapest: Superstar you are
Athena: Superb!!!!! Thank you for sharing your story JC!!!
Valerie from Wimbledon: Thanks Shush. and JC.