If you missed the team WorldVentures broadcast with Peter Powderham & Shush Arya, the recording is now up at:

Some comments from the viewers:
Martin Ruof: Mac’s are the BOMB!  I pressed the wrong button
Lesley in Spain: Why can’t the women drive the Ferrari’s? I love SPEED!!!
Mike from PA: Great job as always!
Martin Braddy: Thanks for your leadership!
iztok bregant: just great
josie: Superb guys… love your energy and support for this team
Rich: Brilliant!  Thank You Shush and Peter…!!!
Martin Pringle: Thank you great recap of the convention
Ronny v Berge: thanks guys, great job. Cheers..
Don Bassey in S.F.: Always fun and extremely informative! Thanks!
Mary Sneddon: Well Done Guys, Great as ever. Very exciting !
Dennis Beeson: Great guys!!!
Pedja: Thank you! You were awesome as always!
ramesh: Thanks this was good
Mikail: Brilliant stuff …thanks a lot.
Stella in Eastbourne: Happy Easter
Gilly: Great presentation, thx guys and a Happy Easter to you too!
Jon Majeika in Dorset: Great to be one of your mates guys!  Happy Easter!
gerda from the Netherlands: Happy easter everybody
Kasia: Happy Easter
Mary Sneddon: Happy Easter to all !
iztok bregant: greatings from slovenija