If you missed the team WorldVentures broadcast the recording is now up at:

Some Viewer Comments:
Milan Stanic: Peter this is AWESOME
Ivica Gradisek, SLO: I agree with you.
James, SG: this mindset is so powerful
Chrystel in Bracknell: love it!!
Clive from Somerset: Peter – what you said was extremely profound and very touching. I look forward to meeting you in person.
Milan Stanic: thank you
Mavis and Cindy: Bang on! Well said Peter
Ivica Gradisek, SLO: Bravo.
WiNNiE: amazing!
James, SG: thank you both superstars!!!!
Chrystel in Bracknell: Brilliant thank you, extremely useful!!
Mavis and Cindy: Fantastic information today Shush and Peter
Rich: Brilliant info as always guys…!!!
Carmen: Fantastic as always!
Aldrin: thanks guys 🙂
Zoltan HU: I is a fantastic evening ! Tank you very much indeed !
Gerry – Netherlands: fantastic, thanks
Anita: Thanks guys, great