If you missed the team WorldVentures broadcast the recording is now up at:

Some Viewer Comments:
Mavis Gauchier Calgary: That is Freedom!!
Martin Braddy – Steyning UK: Excellent point Peter
Martin Pringle: I love it when you tell it how it is Peter!!!
Sigurður: yeah thats a really good point guys
Jeff Lindikoff: Fantastic Training!!
James Lee, SG: excellent!!!
James Lee, SG: very powerful info
Don Bassey: Fantastic presentation, Peter and Shush! Thanks!
Tony Kaye: Thanks Guys …. terrific ….
James Lee, SG: Great stuff tonight!!!!
James Lee, SG: amazing guys!!!!!
Chrystel: thnaks Shush and Peter, brilliant as always!
Zoltan Hu: Fantastic Broadcast
Gary and Tracey: amazing info guys, thanks
Dennis Beeson: Fantastic !!  Thanks to you both.
Martin Pringle: Excellent webcast guys!!
Paul Eyres: very interesting – like the edifying principle
Dale G: Great Info
Rich: Priceless info Shush and Peter…!
Mavis Gauchier Calgary: Fantastic great to see you both
Craig in Michigan: Awesome as usual guys,  Thank You!!!
David Lee, Asia Rat: agreed!! fantastic!!!
egzeus spain: You two were just amazing tonight
Jon Majeika – UK: Fantastic advice and support as always guys. Thank you!
Eva Urban (Sweden): FAntastic training, Thank  You for it!!
Johnny from Wimbledon: Just fantastic. Well done guys.
Mikail Mokuena: Guys..that was powerful.. inspirational, thanks
Martin Braddy – Steyning UK: Great info…..thanks
Evette North London: fantastic that’s why u guys r NUMBER 1
Lesley in Spain: Brilliant – cheers guys!
josie – Stockport: Fabulous gusy
Mavis Gauchier Calgary: You guys deserve great round of applause