If you missed the team WorldVentures broadcast with Peter Powderham & Shush Arya, the recording is now up at:

Some comments from the viewers:
Anita from the Netherlands: Thanks, Deb, wonderful!
James Lee, Singapore: Go Go Go, Deb!!!!
Mike in PA: Thanks Deb!
Maria Christensen: Thanks Deb great advice
James Lee, Singapore: Yeah WOW!!!
Jon Majeika: Fantastic Deb, thank you
Johnny: Thanks Deb
Mike in PA: Great job!
Lloyd Wells MI: GREAT
Pedja: Deb rocks!
Martin Braddy: Great job
Carmen: Exceptional, Deb!
dr kyle: Great Job Deb
Chris – Jersey: Awesome – thank you Deb!!
Zoltan – HU: Thank You, Deb
Lesley in Spain: Great Energy, Debs!
Mary Sneddon: excellent DEB ! THANKYOU
Ronny van Berge: thanks….deb
Tony Warde Liverpool UK: Excellent, Thank You Deb!
Anita from the Netherlands: Fabulous, thanks guys
Lucien: WOW! this is so cool !
Mike in PA: fantastic! thanks again!
Martin Braddy: Excellent broadcast…thanks
Maria Christensen: thanks guys, brilliant as usual :))
Chris – Jersey: Fantastic, best yet! Thank you.
Jon Majeika: Great support as usual guys. Thank you 😉
Don in S.F.: Always powerful and inspiring information.. Thanks to all.
deb: I want a seat!!
Tony Warde Liverpool UK: Thanks Shush and Peter, very good as always. Enjoy the ‘Royal’ weekend!
Mary Sneddon: wow ! thanks guys. sounds rather nice to me  xx
Lloyd Wells MI: WOW!!! Thanks
Maria Christensen: There wouldn’t be much sleeping lol
Zoltan – HU: Thanks, great acceleration evening!
Ronny van Berge: Always great guys, thanks..
James Lee, Singapore: awesome!!!!
Dennis Beeson: Great, as usual !!!!