If you missed the international live broadcast the recording is at:

Huge thanks to Jon Majeika and Chris Dorgeat for their contributions on the broadcast.

Comments from the viewers
ashley: thanks Chris!
Eric: Chris, you are by far the coolest Frenchman I’ve ever met!
Anita: Thanks Chris
chichi: thanks Chris that was great!
Linda Everard: Many thanks for that Kristoff
Chrystel: C’etait super Christophe, merci!
affashionata: cheers chris
Chris Dorgeat: Cool, thanks…
carmen: exceptional, Chris!
Jodie McGovern: This is so exciting..:)
John Bonnett: What exciting times
ashley: superb stuff!!
Marc: wonderful
kyle gilmour: awesome
Tony Warde: Thank you Shush and Peter, Jon and Chris – great news!
Lee: Excellent!
Crowd Source Capital: fantastic
Stella Holman: awesome
Jim: Fabulous
Anita: You’re fabulous, we all want to be RMD+++++++++++++++++++
carmen: fantastic!
Thomas – Michigan, USA: Awesome gentlemen!
Marc: i love being part of this family
Linda Everard: fabulous
Kasia: excellent, no cost and HUGE value! Thank You so much!
Martin Pringle: Fantastic thank you all
John Bonnett: Brilliant call – GREAT value and Updates
Crowd Source Capital: brillient
Ian: Great
Elinor: So proud to be the team. Awesome
Dennis Beeson: great !!
Rich: Brilliant Guys very good info…..!
Jodie McGovern: Brill…Can’t wait to meet more new people
Andras: really cool
Konrad Konradsson: Great stuff, up to date and informative, very motivational. Thanks!
Gary Pap: was great
Chrystel: fantastic, thanks to all! Merci!!
Steve: excellent
Johnny: great value. Thanks to everyone.
JJ: Very Very Good, well orchestrated … 🙂
Geoffrey: Very great
Gilly: Thx guys, yes very valuable an motivating
Chris and Rose: Thanks guys
Martin Braddy: Great…eye opening with all the internationals on the call!!!
Colin & Michele: encouraged with internatinal news
chichi: Great! I really enjoyed it it has inspired me to keep going
kay campling: we look forward to these webinars, please don’t stop
TarvoT: great thing. THX!
Clive: brilliant – thanks – keep it up
J.C.: I’am Glad I Tuned In Tonight!!!
Sherill Primus: great! thanks!!
affashionata: very good lets have more
Jeff: THANK YOU!!!