If you missed the broadcast with James Lee, Peter Powderham and Shush Arya today here is he recording:
=> http://bit.ly/Live2ndFeb2012 

Some Viewer Comments:
Jodie McGovern Catterick: WOW great Flyer
Pedja ( Team ADRIA): Bravo Shush! 🙂
Jodie McGovern Catterick: Wonderful!!
Gordon Attard (Malta): Congratulations to All
Eva Maria Austria: WOW! congrats!!!!
Lesley in Spain: GO JAMES – RMD!!!!!!
Jodie McGovern Catterick: WELL DONE JAMES !!!!!!!!
Tony Kaye: wonderful news
Marko Team Adria: well done James
Milan: Congratulations JAMES RMD !!!!
Chrystel, Bracknell, UK: wow well done James!!
Martin Braddy: Congrats James
Paul Everard: Well done James
Clare Appleyard: James’ journey has been amazing – very inspirational
Raymond Mulegi from Tanzania: WELL DONE JAMES.
Franco from Malta: Great James you are a Gladiator
Margita(Team Adria): Bravo Shush and congrats to all 🙂
Carol – London: Absolute Rockstar!!!
Jon Majeika, UK: WOW!  Incredible performance James!
Jon Majeika, UK: Fantastic James, thank you!
MILAN & UROS , Malaga, Spain: JAMES RULES !!!!
Mary Sneddon: Thank you James ! Amazing !!!!!!!!
Raymond Mulegi from Tanzania: Thank you James!
Athena – Guildford: Thank u James!!
Chris in Southport: FUNtastic James!
Rich: Brilliant James 🙂
WiNNiE: thanks for the fantastic sharing!
Jodie McGovern Catterick: Great Broadcast Tonight Thanks Guys!!
Kruno from table A101 Portoro: FANTASTIC, belive me, FANTASTIC!
WiNNiE: i love the broadcast tonight!
Evette from North London: fantastic as always.
Chrystel, Bracknell, UK: Brilliant broadcast, thanks guys!
Martin Pringle: Excellent broadcast!! Thank you!
Stella in Eastbourne: Great, thanks guys!!! 🙂
Milan: Lot of great energy and fun!!!!
Rich: Fantasic Shush, Peter, James 🙂
Eva Urban: Thanks for fantastic broadcast!!! :))
Martin Braddy: Thanks Guys, especially for all your work behind the scene
Mary Sneddon: Sooooo exciting guys, thank you very much !
Cindy Chrenek – Canada: Great show!!
Anita in the Netherlands: Thanks again guys
Jon Majeika, UK: FABULOUS teamwork guys, thank you!
Raymond Mulegi from Tanzania: Awesome broadcast ever!
Zoltan HU: Great  , excited
Lesley in Spain: Great broadcast! See you LIVE next week!!!
Jodie McGovern Catterick: Great
Margita(Team Adria): :))))) BRAVO!