If you missed the team WorldVentures broadcast with Peter Powderham & Shush Arya, the recording is now up at:

Dr Wu was OUTSTANDING. Make sure you watch it!

Some comments from the viewers:
Don in S.F.: Amazing!
Tony Warde Liverpool: Yes Amazing Value!
Josie: Mount Everest Base camp! wow
James Lee, SG: great one bro!!!
Carmen…. Texas: powerful presentation Dr Wu!
Mike form PA: excellent!
Mary Sneddon: Fantastic Dr Wu  !
Hensley from the Antilles: awesome dr wu
James Lee, SG: amazing!!!!
William Teo SG: It’s great !!!!
Charles from London: excellent stuff, respect!
Ronny v Berge: thanks dr Wu
Dennis Beeson US: Great !!
William Teo SG: Outstanding !!!!!
Martin Braddy: Great Dr Wu
Michele Battrick: That was great advice, thanks
Rich: That was Brilliant…!!!
Clare Appleyard: Well done to the good doctor
Paul Everard: Great info. many thanks Dr Wu
Josie: fabulous Dr Wu .. inspirational
Craig in Michigan: Excellent Dr. Wu!!  Thank You!!
gerda: thanks Dr Wu
Tony Warde Liverpool: Well done, true advice, thanks Dr.Wu!
Charles from London: excellent as always, way to go…
Mike form PA: gret job, shush! thanks again to you and dr wu!
Carmen…. Texas: OUtstanding as always!
Elinor in Surbiton: Dr Wu was excellent.  Thanks Shush.
Don in S.F.: Thanks, Shush. Great info.
Chrystel from Berkshire, UK: thanks Shush!
Wanda: Thanx Shush!
William Teo SG: Thanks Shush !!!
Clare Appleyard: Good job y’all!
Hensley from the Antilles: thanks Shush and Dr Wu
Clare Appleyard: Thank you
Mary Sneddon: Helpful on DTLife and inspiration from Dr Wu. Thanks Shush
Josie: Thanks excellent as always
Michele Battrick: Great help, thanks
Martin Braddy: Usual high standard Shush…thanks
James Lee, SG: Great one….thanks Shush and Dr Wu
Rich: Great info Shush Brilliant as  always…!!!
Craig in Michigan: Great Shush and Dr. Wu! Thanks!
Hensley from the Antilles: great broadxcast
Zoltan HU: Thank you!
Ramesh: Thanks Shush