If you missed the team WorldVentures broadcast the recording is now up at:

Some Viewer Comments:
Lesley in Spain: Go Slovenia – can’t ewait to come back in February!!!
Ivica Gradisek, SLO: Very good! Congratulations.
Chystel: Magnifique! 😉
Eva, Sweden: Bravo Slovenija!
Miss Goofy: Love you!!! Muah!
James, Singapore: yes…shush
HU Zoltan: clear
Rich: Yes Shush
Mary Sneddon: and challenging
Johnny from Wimbledon: sure can
Martin Pringle: Thank you Eric ur loud and clear
Tomaz: Eric rocks!!! Shush even more!!! Hello my friend!!
Dennis Beeson: Thanks Shush and Thank you Eric  !!!!
James, Singapore: thank you shush and eric!!!!
Dr Wu Yi Che: great energy as always !!!   Thank you eric and shush
Rich: Brilliant Shush… and Thanks Eric.. 🙂
Johnny from Wimbledon: Thanks guys. Great broadcast.
Jodie Catterick: Loved it!!!
Jon Majeika: Excellent teamwork Shush!
Mary Sneddon: Great !
josie: thanks shush wonderful as ever and Eric excellent!
Miss Goofy: Loved it!!! Love you guys!!!!  Hugs from the USA 🙂
Martin Braddy in Steyning UK: Great broadcast….thanks
Martin Pringle: Great stuff Shush and Eric!!