If you missed the team WorldVentures broadcast with Shush Arya, Eric Allen, Pedja Terzin and Jon Majeika, the recording is now up at:

Some comments from the viewers:
Lloyd Wells: KaBooM!
Anita from the Netherlands: Thanks Eric!
James, Singapore: thanks Eric!
Carmen: Fantastic,  Eric
RandyO-USA: awesome Eric !
Lesley in Spain: Great, Eric!!!
Martin Braddy: Great stuff Eric
Edwin – London: cheers Jon!
Ronny van Berge: thanks Jon
Evette South london (Arsnalville;): fab Jon!
Johnny: Thanks Jon
Penny and Mike: Thanks Jon
JJ is INFOCUS :): thak you kind sir 🙂
Peter P: Love The TEAM!!!!!!
cindy ferry chrenek: this was awesome! thanks
Peter P: Such TALENT!!
Dr. Kyle: looking forward to living it up with all of you next week in vegas!
Zoltan HU: Thanks Jon!
James, Singapore: We are waiting for YOU!!!!
Pedja: All of the guys were great, but I think I really rocked it! 🙂 Next time guys! It was my pleasure to speak 2 seconds for you!
Jon Majeika – Dorset: Thank you for sharing the story with me Zoltan 😉
Evette South london (Arsnalville;): IM IN!
Mike in PA: Excellent broadcast as always!
Peter P: I’ve been on a walking holiday Jon, never arrived anywhere….;o)
Johnny: Great broadcast. Thanks guys.
Stella Holman: Brilliant Shush thanks
JJ is INFOCUS :): Have writer CRAMP with SO much inf 🙂 🙂
Anita from the Netherlands: Looking forward to it Pedja!
Lesley in Spain: GREAT broadcast –  fantastic to have Eric & Jon on too!!!
Maria: great call great value thanks guys
Ronny van Berge: amazing guys cheers…
Martin Braddy: Always value Shush!
James, Singapore: always feel charged in every call!!!!
Anita from the Netherlands: Thanks Shush
Peter P: Hey Pedja….Youe were special….;o)
Elinor "The Good Life": Fantastic broadcast.  Thanks everyone.
Mike in PA: keep up the great work, Shush and Peter!
Evette South london (Arsnalville;): great fuel on the fire as always thanks
Ronny van Berge: pedja was the best today, thanks..
Hope your all well :-): Supurb speakers great value…!!!
Anita from the Netherlands: Thanks again Eric
Jon Majeika – Dorset: It’s not like TV at all Shush… it’s far better!
Penny and Mike: Great motivation thanks Shush. Bye all
James, Singapore: see u!
Peter P: So much leadership!  Thanks to everyone for your support of this team!
Carmen: Thanks guys! awesome
Josie: thanks Shush and all our speakers brilliant
Don Bassey: Thanks YOU!!!
Dennis Beeson: See you next week in Vegas !!
Colin B: great Shush. missed you guys.. inspiring
J Lindikoff: Thank you!!!