Getting Started

Graphicloads-Filetype-Pdf  Document 1 –>  Getting Started Checklist – New WV Team  Members (Sponsor complete with new team member)

Graphicloads-Filetype-Pdf  Document 2 –>  The Fast Start Guide Book (New Rep to view in 24 hours)

Graphicloads-Filetype-Pdf  Making Your List – Memory Jogger

***New Member Sign Up Application Forms can be found in the WorldVentures Back Office under SUPPORT > DOCUMENTS. Look for:

  1. Member Application Form
  2. Rep Agreement

Always have some printed off in case you do not have an internet connection and need to signup a new member manually and then load them into the system when you are online.


Follow Up

Graphicloads-Filetype-Pdf  The Next Steps – Give this to everyone who sees a presentation.

Graphicloads-Filetype-Pdf  Product Matrix International (OUTSIDE USA) – Comparison Matrix of the DreamTrips Gold & Platinum memberships

Graphicloads-Filetype-Pdf  Product Matrix USA – Comparison Matrix of the DreamTrips Standard, Gold & Platinum memberships


Enhance Your Success

Graphicloads-Filetype-Pdf  9 Core Commitments – Key commitments to create great success

Graphicloads-Filetype-Pdf  Focus Board – Keep your business on track.  Helps you set goals & track your results.

Graphicloads-Filetype-Pdf  How To Do A Testimonial – Testimonials should be 30 seconds or less & this will guide you how to make your testimonial