Here are the answer to some frequently asked questions that you can share with your team and prospects.


1. Can you only book DreamTrips in the country you live in?
DreamTrips members can book any of the
DreamTrips listed anywhere in the world.


2. Is there any limit of DreamTrips that I can book during the year?
As a DreamTrips Life member you can book as many DreamTrips as you like during a year. There is no limit.


3. Who does my DreamTrips Life membership include in my family?
The DreamTrips Life membership cover you plus your spouse/partner/other adult and children under 18 years.


4. Do children have to pay the full rate on a DreamTrip?
One or more children often travel FREE. Each individual DreamTrip will specify the rate for children under the “additional information”.



5. Do the DreamTrips include flights?
No. As the DreamTrips are available to book for our members all around the world, they need to make travel arrangements to go to the DreamTrip. Of course flights can be booked through your DreamTrips membership using the “Book Other Travel” option via or on the DreamTrips APP with the guarantee of the lowest price on airfare. Also the rateshrinker feature protects members flight and hotel bookings against price drops right until checkin day. See our product for more details.


6. Normally I book packages holidays which include hotel and flights. Why should I use WorldVentures when I have to book things separate?
Our DreamTrips are curated travel where you are enjoying the benefits of group booking rates and the bulk buying power the company has because of our growing membership base. All the work, planning and price-haggling have been done for you—your only job is to sit back, relax and experience more. Our team will package meal plans, excursions, welcome parties, farewell dinners and many extras that you would not normally get. Also on trips with more than 20 members going on the trip the company sends an on in destination host to take care of all the needs of the DreamTrippers.  Although you personally have to book your DreamTrip and flight separately instead of a package, you will enjoy a stay in far superior accommodations with a VIP experience. You will not get that with a package holiday. Read more on our product benefits at


7. Do I have to join in with other members on the DreamTrips as I prefer to be just with my partner or with my own family?
You are free to enjoy your DreamTrip in any way you wish. On a hosted DreamTrip when there are 20 people attending you will be given a DreamTrip wrist band which if you wear it helps other DreamTrips members identify each other or if you prefer to keep yourself to yourself you just remove the band.


8. What protection do I have by booking with WorldVentures, for example if I book through online sites like Expedia, or travel agents in my country they are covered by Travel assocations such as ABTA, ASTA & IATA?
WorldVentures wholly owned travel agency – Rovia is a member of:

IATA – International Air Transport Association
ASTA – American Society of Travel Agents
ARTA – Association of Retail Travel Agents
CLIA – Cruise Lines International Association


When booking your travel using your DreamTrips Life membership you have the same protection as if you book with travel agents in your country or other online booking sites.

In additional if you book your flight through your membership you automatically receive $200,000 airline accident insurance per ticket.


9. Is there customer service for travel booked through my membership?
Yes you can phone, email or do live chat with customer services:
Phone +1 972-805-5200
Air Ticketing:
Live chat: Click here

Rovia address:
5360 Legacy Dr.
Building 1, Suite 300
Plano, TX, USA
75024 9232



1. Can I do this Business?
You can absolutely do the WorldVentures business if:

i) You know a few people who would love to stay in 4 or 5 star hotels and resorts but only pay 2 or 3 star prices?

ii) You might know a few people that are a little dissatisfied with their current situation, maybe they’re not making the kind of money they want to, maybe they’re working too many hours or don’t really like their job or their boss. Do you think you might know a few people like that?

iii) If you follow the simple system of asking your friends, family, colleagues & contacts to look at a video or attended a presentation just as you were invited to and then get a more experienced member of the team on the phone, skype or in person to answer any questions they might have. We will train you on the exact system and process.

2. How do I start my WorldVentures Business?
Simply get back to the person who referred you to WorldVentures and you can sign up with them either on their WorldVentures representative business site or over the phone using a debit/credit card or bank transfer using our iPayout E-Wallet system.


3. What is the cost to become a member and a representative?
The total cost to become and DreamTrips Gold member and a WorldVentures representative is $361 one time (Approx. £245 or €271) and then $61 per/month (Approx. £40 or €45 per/month ) which includes the first month’s membership. There is also a Platinum membership/rep option which is $511 one time and then $111 per month.

When you sign up as a Gold member/representative you will get.

  • Your personal Travel membership site to book your travel
  • £200 DreamTrip Reward credit to put towards a Reward DreamTrip. See details at
  • Your WorldVentures representative business site where you can signup new product members and new WorldVentures team members. See example at
  • A back office system with full reporting of your business, commissions, training, events, support and marketing support documents



4. How will I be paid commissions that I make?
Commissions will be paid via the WorldVentures Payment system and or Payoneer Mastercard. Your commission will be paid into the online payment and you can choose to transfer them to your nominated bank account or to your Payoneer MasterCard that works much the same as a normal Debit Card. With your Payoneer card you will then be able to use the card like a normal credit card or you can take the card to any MasterCard accepted ATM and withdraw your funds.


5. Why have I never heard of WorldVentures?
Here is where the opportunity lies. Wealth is created by taking something from small to big. In just 10 years WorldVentures have reached number 32 in the Direct Selling Association (DSA) top 100 companies revenue list and we are the number one travel Direct Selling company in the world. This is a list of the largest companies in he Direct Sales industry. 10 years ago very few people knew who FaceBook was and now there are over 1 Billion users worldwide and Facebook grew by people telling people about it word of mouth. We consider ourselves the FaceBook of Travel and we will be rapidly expanding into over 100 more countries in the years to come.

See more information about WorldVentures
See official Press release:


6. Is WorldVentures a Pyramid or Ponzi scheme?
No absolutlely not, Pyramid and Ponzi Schemes are illegal. The difference between a legitimate direct selling or network marketing company and illegal Pyramid or Ponzi schemes is the existence of a genuine product that has value. In a pyramid scheme there is no product and “distributors” are rewarded purely for recruiting distributors. In a genuine network marketing company such as WorldVentures, no money is made by representatives for the recruitment of business representatives, the only money that is made is for the sales of the product. In our case that product is our DreamTrips membership. Well known direct selling companies most people have heard of are Avon, Mary Kay, Amway, Tupperware, Herbalife & Oriflame. WorldVentures uses the same business model as these companies but our product is travel. In 2010 our founders were finalists in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. This nomination involved an audit of the previous 3 years business. Ernst & Young would not align themselves with an illegal business. You will also see that our WorldVentures FaceBook page has over 200,000 likes. FaceBook would shut that page down if it was an illegal business.

Billionaires such as Richard Branson, Warren Buffett and Donald Trump all have at some point owned network marketing companies because they recognize the massive power of word of mouth marketing which is essentially what network marketing/direct selling is. People network market products they love every day like restaurants, gadgets, books etc. but never get paid for it. FaceBook’s success was created by people networking the idea to friends and Family but nothing out of the Billions that was generated went to FaceBook’s Billions of users. In this case only the creator Mark Zuckerberg and some of his friends got rewarded hansomely for the users spreading the membership of FaceBook. With WorldVentures you have the opportunity to position yourself ahead of a massive trend.

Learn more about the Network Marketing Business Model in the video below:


7. Will I have to speak to friends or family?
You will already already be recommending all sorts of things to our friends and family all of the time: films, restaurants, gadgets, websites. Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising. With WorldVentures you are simply sharing a way for people to save money on their Travel, get a better Travel experience and a way to make more money. Most people you know already Travel or desire to Travel more. Why on earth would you not want to share that with your friends, family and people you know?


8. I’m too busy, when will I find time to do this?
So the question is will you ever have the time to do what you want to do. How does it make you feel not having enough time? Are you prepared to stay exactly where you are for the next 5 to 10 years or even longer never having enough time? Most people start the WorldVentures business on a very part time basis of 8-10 hours a week. If you are willing to trade some of your entertainment time today just to follow our system for 3-5 years and share this information with others as you grow a team you will be leveraging the power of many people’s hours of effort to build your business, income and freedom.

This video below will help you understand this concept of leverage.


9. I don’t have the money to start?
If you say this then to be brutally honest with you, you have not understood the opportunity here with WorldVentures and what it can mean to you and your family. How does it make you feel that you do not have the money, and will what you are currently doing mean you will always struggle to have money? $361 (£240 or €270) one time to get started with WorldVentures to include your DreamTrips  membership, your WorldVentures Representative Business system and your first months fees is incredibly low cost for the value you get. This investment along with an invest of some of your time can create an income that can change your life. Go back an view the Detailed Overview to understand just how big an opportunity this is.

If today you smashed you mobile phone and needed to find $500 to replace it, would you find the money? Of course you would. Some of our most successful team members who have transformed their lives with WorldVentures got very creative in finding the money to get started. Some borrowed the money, some sold personal items and some worked extra hours. Ultimately if you do not change what your doing today your financial situation is never likely to improve. Do you want to go the rest of your life saying “I don’t have the money”?


10. Once I join how do I get started and what training and support is there?
The first thing to do once you join is to go to our getting started training page on our team training & support site:

Full training and support is provided to all our team members by:

  1. Weekly internet live video training broadcasts
  2. FaceBook team support page
  3. Training support and mentoring with team leaders via Skype
  4. Regional training events
  5. International company training events


11. How do I contact WorldVentures customer service support?

International Customer Service Contact Information

C/O Gout International
Damsterdiep 299,
9713 EG Groningen,
Customer Support Fax:     +31 50 549-3092
Email Address:

North America Customer Service Contact Information

5360 Legacy Drive #300,
Plano, TX 75024
United States
Phone:     (972) 805-5100
Email Address:

Hours of Operation:
8:00AM-6:00PM – Monday / Wednesday / Friday
8:00AM-8:00PM – Tuesday / Thursday
Weekends: Closed

Live Chat Assistance


12. Is there any contract to be signed and are there any additional costs when I want to cancel my membership?

No there is no contract for either your DreamTrips membership or your Representative Business System, you can cancel at any time.