We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Attila has become the first Marketing Director in Hungary for World Ventures. What makes his achievement so special is he accomplished this within 6 months and already has several Senior Reps in his team.

Attila is a computer expert and has had his own business since 1994. He started MLM in mid 2008 in a nutrition business and fell in love with the whole concept of MLM and is now committed his life to help others.

"Now with WorldVentures I have found the right company, at the right time, with the right product and the right compensation plan to help people not only being healthy by taking more travel but also being wealthy financially. The key point for me is the team work. I have had so much help from my upline support team without whom my success wouldn’t have come. Thanks to all of them. I will teach what I have learned to my team to help them succeed." After 4 months with WorldVentures Hungary I already had people who have got to the point of having great success and this makes me so happy. I’ll be only successful if my partners would be successful also.

Massive congratulatons to you Attila on your fantastic achievements.

To Your Massive WorldVentures Success!

Peter Powderham and Shush Arya