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Hello and welcome to the WorldVentures and Team Limitless Global (T.LG) !!

Above you will see our access bar with the most important things to help you to get started right. Please click the pictures so that you can download our Fast start Game plan, connect with our Facebook page and even get special team updates.  

Below are a series of getting started videos from Jefferson Santos IMD in WorldVentures who is in our upline support team. These videos will help you get started correctly (videos 4-6 are key) and they show you exactly what to do in the right way to succeed in your WorldVentures business.

VIDEO 0 – How to Maximize these Videos (1:04)

Video 1 – How Do I Earn My Money Back (4:54)


Video 2 – How to Build Momentum Now! (4:59)

Video 3 – How to Earn the Director Bonus (3:21)

Video 4 – Your Next Steps What to Say (18:00)

 Video 5 – I Set The Appt Now What (6:13)

What you share with people:

1.  http://travel-presentation.ws/presentation – Online Business Presentation

2.  http://travel-presentation.ws/how-you-make-money – How You Make Money

You sign people up at your WorldVentures rep site:

Click "Sign Up" > Choose Country > Choose "Become A Rep" > Select "DreamTrips Life" And "Representative Business System"

How to sign up a new Member video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzutn4HCXvU

Video 6 – Who is Validating You (13:12)



The system as laid out above is all you need to know to get started in your WorldVentures business. If you want to get started fast then share the WorldVentures business with 20 people following the exact system above within one week of starting. Here are the different ways you can do this. They all work just choose the way that suits you best.

1)  You go to that person’s house. This is my favourite option as people are more comfortable in their homes and they are less likely to cancel the appointment or not show up.

2) You invite the prospect to your house.

3)  You hold a business launch Travel Party to share with your local friends, family and neighbours. Only do this if your sponsor or upline leader is local to you and can be there to present.

4) You invite the prospect to a coffee shop or hotel lobby.

5) You invite the prospect to be online while you are on the phone or skype.

6) You invite the prospect to view an online webinar presentation.

7) You invite the prospect to meet you at the location of a local business opportunity presentation


You can download the presentation videos we show when presenting the business so you can have them on your
PC, tablet or smart phone. This is for when you do not have an internet connection and do not
have access to our online presentation site http://travel-presentation.ws

You can download the videos you need at:

You can download all the videos you need at:

http://worldventures.biz/ysbh – International Presentation Video

http://vacationsooner.com – USA Presentation Video



      It is very important to complete so we can communicate
      to you important updates, training and events so please complete.

      When entering your mobile phone number please do so with
      country code eg 044785400000




We regularly hold training, live broadcast trainings, Regional trainings & WorldVentures Company events to help you learn the skills to build a successful business with WorldVentures, to mastermind with people who have already created success in the business & to see the bigger picture of what you are involved in.

The major company events are shown below.


All our international team events are listed at:

All our UK events are at:

In case you missed the banners at the top of the page here they are just click on each one:

facebookgroup signup2 faststart memberspack welcomenew

At this stage you do not need to know and understand everything, you will learn as you earn. Remember there is an amazing upline support team there to support you in your success so make sure you work closely with them and in the beginning use the experts to speak with your prospects after they have seen the information. They will answer the questions and help you sign people up into your business. Its all about teamwork.

See You on the Beaches of the World,

T.L.G Leadership Team