If you missed the team WorldVentures broadcast with Martin Ruof & Shush Arya, the recording is now up at:

Some viewer comments:
Craig in Michigan: martin and Shush!  Thanks!
Dr Kyle: Great stuff Martin
Martin Braddy: Awesome training Martin
Johnny: Fantastic. Thanks Martin
Chris – Jersey: Thanks Martin – fantastic and inspiring. Cheers mate.
Stella in East Sussex: Brilliant thanks Martin
Zoltan HU: Awesome training Martin
Mike in PA: Great as usual! Martin’s an awesome guy! Thanks so much!
Martin Ruof: Thank you everyone…and especially you Shush!
Mattt Baron: bloody brilliant..!
Mikail: Martin, you’ve revived an evasive spirit in me that I’m active battling with strong forces, to keep me going and believing. Thanks a lot man.
Dr Kyle: dave baird is a great guy and neighbour here in san diego.. He will rock it in  Budapest
Anita from the Netherlands: Thanks Shush, have a great time in Tunesia!
Pedja: Very inspirational! Thanks Martin & Shush
Jon Majeika – Dorset UK: Shush, have a fantastic time buddy!
Elinor in Surbiton: See everyone on Saturday.
Mike in PA: Fantastic Shush!!