If you missed the broadcast with Shush Arya and Randy Ostrom the recording is now up at:

This was our final WorldVentures team live video broadcast for 2010 and one of our top international leaders and master recruiters, Randy Ostrom shared some incredible recruitment training tips. No to be missed so pleased take time to watch the recording and have a notepad handy.

Some viewer comments:
James Lee, Singapore: wow!!!!
Andras: it’s incredible
Ronny van Berge: GREAT
Elinor Friedman: Amazing thanks Randy.
James Lee, Singapore: Thanks, Randy!!!
Rich: Brilliant Randy
Tony Warde: Yes Sir
Kasia: Can hear you well … this was great!
Eric: Great stuff
Gordon from Aruba: Very good Randy
Michelle Arthur: Thank you Randy.
Romeo: nice info randy
nicky: excellent thanx Randy
Malgorzata Lukaszewska: Thank you
Rhyker: awesome! cause missed it
Peter Powderham: You’re a star Shush, I love this TEAM!
James Lee, Singapore: See you guys in Vegas!
Dennis Beeson: See you in Las Vegas !!!
Jodie McGovern: Great Shush!
James Lee, Singapore: Brillant!
Rhyker: tonights webinar was the best so far!
Romeo: great wabinar shush
Lee Terry Atlanta Ga  USA: Merry Christmas Santa Shush!
Elinor Friedman: Randy was awesome.  Happy Christmas everyone.
Lesley in chilly Spain!: Felices Fiestas – Happy Christmas everyone!
Anita from the Netherlands: Fabulous guys thanks a lot!
Jodie McGovern: Merry Xmas
Marftin Pringle: Fantastic webcast thank u Shush and Randy
Ana: Fantastic!!!!!
Peter Powderham: We need Randys clip up on TSO
Andras: thanks Shush & Peter for the support this year.! this webinar is always a great opportunity to learn! Merry Xmas & Happy / Successful New Year!
Rich: Supurb Shush, Great tips Randy….:-)
Dennis Beeson: Thank you !!
Jon Majeika: What I heard of Randy’s section was excellent!
Hi from chelmsford: brilliant it was.. Merry Christmas to you too.
nicky: outstandig thanx so much
josie: Randy & Shush quality information .. thanks
Ronny van Berge: great shush
Lesley in chilly Spain!: Brilliant! Cheers Santa & Randy!!!!
Kasia: this is more than value, a real Christmas gift! THANK YOU! Merry Christmas and only the Best for a fantastic New Year! Hear you soon!
Rhyker: yeah man … shush & peter are the reason I’m gonn be back in WV very soon … tremendous leadership!
Ana: Merry Christmas
Jon Majeika: Have a brilliant Chrimbo and New Year guys!
Tony Warde: Fantastic! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year To ALL
betti: Thank you, loved the tips from randy
Dennis Beeson: Merry Christmas to all
josie: merry christmas too one and all
Ronny van Berge: happy christmass
Randy Ostrom, USA: thanks Shush…Santa will be kind to ya!
Romeo: merry christmas and a happy new year Shush