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Comments from the viewers
Maria: very useful
Paul: Very useful and informative
Martin Pringle: Yes very useful thank you!!
Tony Warde: Very useful thank you Shush
James Lee: absolutely
Marc: Loved it my friend!
Konrad: Great to see you in action LIVE, I found it very useful 🙂 look forward to meeting all of you soon
Stella: useful thanks
Colin B: great
Martin Braddy from Steyning: Great broadcast Shush
Chrystel: magnifique, merci Shush!
Thomas – Michigan, USA: wonderful!  Thank you Shush 🙂
Kyle G: Great job Shush.  Site is looking great.
Dennis: Very good !
Gabriella: it was great
John Bonnett: Good experience and wondefful tool
Gary, Antionette & Jon: fantastic shush
Anita: Brilliant Shush!
Margit: Thanks Shush
JJ: As usual Shush your training on line is ALWAYS excellent !! 🙂
Josie , Stockport, UK: Fantastic.. value your leadership
P: excellent as usual Shush…as i said great leadership
Maria: thanks Shush
simol: Thanks Shush
James Lee: YES!!!
James Lee: Amazing!
J.C.  Fired Up!: I’m Glad I Tuned In- Many Thanks Shush!
Ronny van Berge: thank you Shush for suport
John Bonnett: Need posture for leadership for the future
Gary, Antionette & Jon: thanks shush, great advice as usual
yvette: Absolutely
Josie , Stockport, UK: absolutely
Tony Warde: Shush, Have a super evening.
Dennis: Thank you, Shush
Maria: thy
James Lee: bye everyone
Gabriella: Thank you!
JJ: cheers Shush 🙂
Martin Braddy from Steyning: thanks
Colin B: Cheers Shush
Stella: thanks, bye
John Bonnett: TTFN
Ronny van Berge: thank you
James Lee: thanks!
Josie , Stockport, UK: thanks Shush