If you missed the broadcast with Eric Allen and Shush Arya today here is he recording:
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Some Viewer Comments:
Eric Malta: really amazing
Eric Malta: always with awsome news
Edgar: Awesome Eric, you rock!
Paul Everard: Thanks Eric.Great stuff
Mikail Mokuena: Great stuff Eric. Thanks
Boris Kuret slo: wow great
Eric Malta: Thanks a lot to all you leaders and to world ventures
Dietrich: International is the way and I hope to be part of the wave!!!
Jon Majeika, UK: YES!
Johnny from Wimbledon: Love it
Mavis in Calgary: That will be a prowerful tool!!!
Chrystel, Bracknell UK: brilliant!!!
Paul Everard: Fantastic
margita: Congatulation and thanks you for your knowledge and support.
Svetlana Team Adria: Fantastic idea!
Jon Majeika, UK: You are part of the wave Dietrich!
Eric Malta: awsome and massive idea
Rich: Amazing info Shush Peter & Eric!!!
Martin Braddy in Steyning UK: Great news!
Kyle G: Stoke that fire guys
Gwen Yim: That’s awesome news, Peter.  Amazing credibility with your background in DSA.
Spela and Ales: AWESOME!!! 🙂
Boris Kuret slo: Thanks WV friends for great business
Dietrich: I will be at the US Regonals
Kyle G: Great culture in Worldventures.  every event is like a party
Martin and Julie: awesome
Jon Majeika, UK: What an incredible team. Thank you guys!
Micko SER: Thank you. it was AWESOME =)Mil
Dietrich: LOVE IT!!!
Stella Holman in Eastbourne: Great,
Joe Giannola: Outstanding!
Chrystel, Bracknell UK: thank you, fantastic and exciting broadcast!!
Ramesh: brilliant
Justin & Lucille: great thanks WV rocks
Zoltan HU: Thanks, it is brilliant as usual.
Martin Braddy in Steyning UK: Thanks very much
Johnny from Wimbledon: Fantastic job. Thanks guys.
Franco from Malta: great as usual
Eva Urban: Thanks for today! it was awsome!
Paul Everard: Brilliant news and a great broadcast
Edgar: Awesome broadcast! Thank you Peter and Shush
Chris Dorgeat (UK): Thanks guys!