If you missed the broadcast with James Lee and Shush Arya today here is he recording:
=> http://bit.ly/Live26thApr2012  

Some Viewer Comments:
Sherisa – US: woohoo!! Thanks james!!
Craig in Michigan: Great James!!!
Paul Everard: Thanks James. Awesome stuff!!
Boris Kuret SLO: Thank  you James great
Carmen: You rock, James!
iggie: as always James you rock
james, sg: You guys in BBK having DreamTrip and listening in…. WOW!!!
Dr Kyle: Shush, Crank it up in Eastern Europe this weekend!
Zoltan: We are waiting for YOU!
perino: amizing brother!!!!
Franco from Malta: great Shush
Rich: Brilliant Shush & James:-)
Tony Kaye (Salisbury): Great advice
Paul Everard: Thanks Shush and James. Great broadcast as always
Kyo: Thanks Shush & James! Love the session.
Mandy Portelli (Malta): Fantastic!!!
Jon Majeika, UK: Excellent broadcast. Thank you Shush and James
Bjorn Iceland: Fantastic.
Franco from Malta: thanks shush great as usual
Martin Braddy –  W. Sussex UK: Always good Shush 🙂
Clare Appleyard: Great stuff thanks – and gave me an answer I was looking for 🙂
Carmen: Exceptional as always, thanks, guys!
Hripsi from South Africa: Always awesome!!
Konrad Konradsson: Great Broadcast, Thank you Shush and James, See you soon 😉
Roger: Great stuff Shush!!
Craig in Michigan: Excellent as always Shush!!