If you missed the broadcast with James Lee, Peter Powderham and Shush Arya today here is he recording:
=> http://bit.ly/Live29thMar2012 

Some Viewer Comments:
Clare Appleyard: Awesome thanks James
Mikail Mokuena: Truly inspirational..Gr8 Leader.
Briarley: Thanks James – way to go – great chat 🙂
Rich: Amazing James!!!
Dennis Beeson: Thank you James !!!
Jono – ZIM!: Wow Blowwn away, thanks so much James, you are such an inspiration!!!!
Hripsi: Thank you for the inspiration!!!
Mary Sneddon: Fantastic James !
Jon Majeika – UK: Brilliant James, thank you bro’
Cindy Mavis Editha Marjoline: Great, so exciting!!!
Spela and Team :): Thanks James, u are Great!! 🙂  Big Congratulations from Slovenia!!!
dr kyle: Great words of wisdom James
Colette Bowers: Great to hear you James!  Look forward to meeting you…  From Zimbabwe!
Eva Urban: Thank you JAmes, you were brilliant!!
Choon Yang SG: Great stuff james!!! 🙂
Franco from Malta: Thanks Peter and  Sush great webinar as usual
Athena-Guildford: Thank you so much for the amazing webinar once again!!!!
Raymond and Nason from Tanzania!: Asanteni Peter & Shush…… Wonderful!!
Zoltan HU: Thanks for this amazing evening!
Boris Kuret SLO: thanks for the inspiration – great team teamsystem
Rich: Thank you Shush, Peter, James Fantastic  info as always!!!
Dr stan: awesome
Marina & Milan East Europe: great broadcast
Clare Appleyard: Thanks guys – great as always!
Briarley: Awesome – thank you, will be back for more
Franco from Malta: GREAT   GREAT    GREAT
Jono – ZIM!: Thanks guys, James you were unbelievable! Get some rest guys, Vegas is round the corner!!!
Raymond and Nason from Tanzania!: Awesomenesssssssss!!
Jon Majeika – UK: Incredible broadcast. Thank you all!
Dennis Beeson: Thank you all for a great broadcast !!
Evette frpm North London: Absaloultely amwesome! thank u xxs
Roger: Amazing guys!
Cindy Mavis Editha Marjoline: Fantastice cant wait for Vegas. Great presentation Shush  Peter and  James
Hripsi: fantastic!
Gilly in London: Thx very much guys, great support and encouragement
Mary Sneddon: So So Good, thank you champs !
Martin Braddy in Steyning UK: Thanks for your leadership Guys
Mikail Mokuena: Thanks for a great webinar Pete & Shush