If you missed the broadcast with James Lee, Peter Powderham and Shush Arya today here is he recording:
=> http://bit.ly/Live3rdMay2012

Some Viewer Comments:
Konrad Konradsson: Loved the broadcast! 5 things that make you money – Super !! And like Peter says repeat until rich!
William Siong: great!
Clare Appleyard: Great stuff as usual guys, thank you!
Chris Dorgeat (UK): Awesome guys… thanks!
Radivoj: Thanks Shush and Peter 🙂
Heriandy (Singapore): Loved it! Always a great time here!
Franco from Malta: GREAT as usual Peter and Shush
James, SG: Thank you so much for everything that both of you are doing for all of us!!!
Rutur from Iceland: Great broadcast guys!
Chrystel, Bracknell, UK: Great broadcast, amazing team, well done to everyone!
Steini – Iceland: thanks guys,…..fantastic 🙂
margita: Thank you, it’s privilege to be with all of you every week!
Rich: Fantastic Shush and Peter:-)
Aini(Nanny) SG: awesome Shush and Peter
Boris Kuret slo: Thanks Peter and Shush great
vojka: great stuff thanks kiss and hugs from Slo
Iggie from singapore: It was as always a great program
majid from London: Fantastic presentation thank you
Zoltan HU: Thank you for the evening!
Mikail Mokuena: Brilliant as always. Thanks
Martin Pringle from Corby: great webinar – thank you
Mavis in Calgary: THanks guys, great as always
Kruno, Zagreb: You are thrully great inspiraton people! THANK YOU for your time!!! See you!