If you missed the broadcast with Eric Allen and Shush Arya today here is he recording:
=> http://bit.ly/Live5thApr2012

Some Viewer Comments:
Jon Majeika, UK: Excellent stuff, thank you Eric!
Gordon Attard (Malta): Gladiator Mindset TEAM! Celebrate the No’s
B.J. Ocampo: Excellent tips Eric!  Thanks for being a leader and a Game Changer!
Konrad Konradsson: Thank you Eric, great  stuff 🙂 !
Mavis in Calgary: Great info Eric. Looking forward to Vegas. Thanks Shush!!
Raymond Mulegi from Tanzania: Awesome Eric!
Mikail Mokuena: Top .top tips. Thanks Eric
James,SG: Excellent Eric bro!!!!
Jonas Carlsward: Wowewa. Vegas here we come!
Chris Dorgeat: Thanks Eric and Shush!
Edgar: Great to be here!
Pedja: Eric – impressive!
Johnny from Wimbledon: Fantastic. Thanks guys. Let’s go and do it.
Andrew Boey: Just Go!
Gordon Attard (Malta): Team Tanzania! South Africa Momentun Coming UP! I can smell MOMENTUM!
Mandy Portelli (Malta): Thanks Eric and Shush!!
Edgar: Eric Awesome training
Gabriella from Hungary: Thanks Eric!
Rich: Brilliant Shush & Eric!!! Supurb Info:-)
James,SG: Thank you both Shush and Eric!!!  You both are awesome!!!!
Marko Zdravkovic: Thanks Shush! Great broadcast!
Marina & Milan Serbia: AWESOME SHUSH & ERIC
B.J. Ocampo: Absolutely Fantastic!  United in Vegas!!
Mikail Mokuena: Brilliant  webinar Shush. Thanks