If you missed the broadcast with Iggie Manuel and Shush Arya today here is he recording:
=>  http://bit.ly/Live17thMay2012

Some Viewer Comments:
Carmen: thanks, Iggie! Exceptional presentation 😉
James, SG: Iggie!!!! you are the man!!!!
Johnny from SW19: What a SuperStar.
Franco from Malta: awesome Iggie
WiNNiE (Singapore): awesome share!
Rich: Supurb Iggie.
Tnesh: A*team from SG!!
Preggie Govender: Thank u for the inspiration Iggie.
Chrystel, Bracknell, UK: Well done Iggie, great story, thanks for sharing!
Zoltan HU: Just Fantastic! Iggi
Heriandy SG: You rock SHUSH!!
Darrell: excellent
James, SG: this is awesome Shush and Iggie!
Cindy Chrenek Canada: always great
Chrystel, Bracknell, UK: Amazing call Shush, loved it!!
Josie, UK: wonderful as always great leadership
Franco from Malta: great as usual you inspire us all Shush
Zoltan HU: Great Evening ! Thanks!
Preggie Govender: Thanks Shush. Awesome!
Jon Majeika, UK: Great stuff guys! 
Rich: Fantastic Shush & Iggie!!!
Clare Appleyard: Thanks guys, much appreciated
WiNNiE (Singapore): thanks shush & iggie! margita: Great job Shush, thank you for all your efforts and support!