Athens Boot Camp Event

While things are fresh in my mind I wanted share this update on my return from Athens. Matt Morris shared on FaceBook "We’ve become the #1 largest direct selling travel company in the world, grew $51 million in revenues last year, filling stadiums, and creating financial freedom for entrepreneurs all over the world… and we’re just getting warmed up. This is barely the tip of the iceberg!"


This weekends WorldVentures Boot Camp event in Athens marks a new beginning for the business which will impact thousands of lives around the world and move us much closer to the company goal of becoming a multi billion dollar company. 4,000 WorldVentures reps were exposed to some of the best business building and personal development training I have ever seen work in my 10 years in the network marketing industry. Along with that came some staggering announcements that rocked the event and the future landscape for the company. This was the biggest International event for WorldVentures outside the US to date and was in attended by some of the top 5 income earners in WorldVentures Troy Brown & Jeff Bolf (Who made a guest appearance), Peter Powderham, Shush Arya, Matt Morris & Johnny Wimbrey.

When you consider the numbers attending this event have more than trebled in 12 months this give you an idea of the movement that has started with WorldVentures.

The speakers and trainers at this historic event were powerhouses of both WorldVentures and the direct selling industry and included:

1. Marc Accetta – Director of Training
2. Dan Stammen – Co owner of WorldVentures
3. Jon McKillip – President of International
4. Kyle Lowe – VP of International
5. Mike Putman – President of Rovia
6. Jim Menge – VP Product Marketing
7. Peter Powderham – Boot Camp Trainer
8. Matt Morris – Boot Camp Trainer
9. Ed Blunt – Boot Camp Trainer
10. Johnny Wimbrey – MC

This short video clip will give you some idea of the energy and excitement in the room.

The calibre of the training was the best I have seen to date for any of our WorldVentures events from all of our trainers and we were especially blessed to have Peter Powderham (pictured below in action) train for the first time at one of our major WorldVentures events who brought the house down with his tactical 6-4-6-6-3 formation training..

peter powderham

After Party

Well in true WorldVentures fashion we all descended on one of the best night clubs in Athens for our after party which was simply spectacular. As you see in the video below WorldVentures people sure know how to party. It was a fantastic night!

Product announcements

DreamTrip Rewards 

This was the announcement that the whole of International were patiently waiting for and here it is.

The promotion will run from 1st July – 31st Sept 2013 however anyone who enrolled from 1st June will also be included for the instant $200 reward.

Full details of the programme can be viewed at

A couple of important things to note are that 1. you must enrol for the rewards programme at the link above. 2. every new rep and existing reps can benefit from the rewards programme 3. there a trips rewards staring from $89. To view them go to and select "REWARDS DREAMTRIPS" from trip type.

Booking Engine

New VP Product Marketing Jim Menge shared some very powerful information about the enhancements the company is making to the DreamTrips Life travel booking engine to enhance user experience. Already in past weeks we have seen an upgrade on the search for air tickets. The target is to do the same for hotels by the end of July. Getaways will also get an upgrade soon after.


Jim Menge also shared introducing new processes to enhance the DreamTrip experience for all demographic type of WorldVentures members. Through research, focus group & survey the company will match up and promote the right type of trips to the member needs.

Membership Benefits

Another very exciting annoucement was that the company will be continually adding major benefits for members to their DreamTrips Life membership outside of travel for all worldwide members.

Business announcements

In Language Translation

Personally I was thrilled to hear from John Halcomb one of our International Executive about the committment to bring in country translation to the WorldVentures sites. Newly coded sites will be implemented in the coming months which will bring in lanuguage translation to the sites, back office and all documents. As I have travelled extensively thoughtout the various markets I for one know the frustration of our non Englsh speaking members who have patiently waited for this.

The goal is also that by Q2 of 2014 the product site will also get in lanuguage translation which will be a much more complex undertaking by the company but they are focussed on that as a goal.

Expansion Into New Markets

In 2012 there was no opening of countries as new back end IT infrastucture was implemented at the cost of millions of dollars. As the company gears up to become a multi Billion dollar company it was critical to make this update to systems to cope with the increased growth and be ready for all future growth. The systems have been successfully upgraded and have been fully tested to be working great.

In 2013 so far we have seen the opening of Ireland and Iceland which helped test the new system and we will now see a much faster expansion into more markets.

The following markets are in the pipeline to be opened in the near future:

1. Malaysia
2 .Poland
3. Serbia
4. Latvia
5. Thailand
6. Brazil
7. Australia
8. New Zealand

WorldVentures Foundation

worldventures foundation

We are truly blessed to have recently appointed Gwneth Lloyd to head up our WorldVentures foundation. She has rebranded our foundation which was previously called the Manifest Foundation to the WorldVentures Foundation and has already started many initiatives which will help the company and WorldVentures reps positively impact many children around the world. Adding to the Voluntourism DreamTrips we have, their will be service excursions on trips in many more markets including Norway, Singapore, Greece, US & South Africa.

You can find out more about the WorldVentures Foundation at where anyone can also make a donation.

The future for WorldVentures

As mentioned earlier our revenue grew by $51 Million in 2012 making us the #1 largest direct selling travel company in the world with zero competition in the top 100 list of Direct Selling companies. We have over 100 countires to open up for WorldVentures in the coming years which will literally attract Millions of members worldwide.

With the recent investment into technology and C level executives with vast experience in travel and business expansion be in no doubt this WorldVentures will become a multi Billion dollar company.

Just before I left Athens to head for the airport I recorded this video with two of the three Musketeers Savvas & Xristos below sharing our thoughts of the event and future:

Where to next…

Following the major growth that will occur from this point forward we will all converge in Florence in November for The View training.

We hope to see you there.

All coming company events can be viewed at:

See you there!

Shush Arya