If you missed the broadcast with TeamSystemOnlines Peter Powderham and Shush Arya today here is he recording:
=> http://bit.ly/Live12thJuly2012 

Some Viewer Comments:

Rachel: great advice, thanks so much
dalibor: thx
Rose Brent Zimbabwe: Thank you for that. will look for it.
Martin Pringle in Corby: Great webcast
Bear: Thanks Guys
Eva Urban: Thanks for advices!
Gordon Attard (Malta): Great Broadcast
James, SG: This is awesome, Peter & Shush!!!
Cindy Chrenek Canada: Amazing!! Love this team!!
GPUK: excellent
WiNNiE: thanks shush & peter for the fantastic sharing!
Rachel: Thanks!!!!!
Boris Kuret SLO: Thanks leaders and by
Rose Brent Zimbabwe: Thank you both so much. will be back again.
Lora: Thanks!
Mary Sneddon: Thank you guys for all your hard work ! Brilliant ! xxx
WiNNiE: so proud to be in your team!
Johnny from London: Great call guys. Fantastic as ever.
stuart: Great stuff guys thanks a million!!
Serene Tang: Thanks! Tata!
Rich: Amazing info Thanks Shush and Peter
Pedja: Amazing as always!
Mikail Mokuena: Greatly appreciated Broadcast Gents.