If you missed the broadcast with with Eamonn O Brien, Tony Kaye and Shush Arya today here is he recording. The speakers shared some incredible information:
=> http://bit.ly/Live15thNov2012

Some Viewer Comments:
Clare Appleyard: Awesome stuff guys, thank you!
Lea Sweden: Great! thabnks bye
Roland and Svieta: Thanks Shush! You rock!!!
Johnny from London: Fantastic broadcast, as ever. You guys rock.
Eamon: Shush you Rock
Chrystel, Berks, UK: Merci merci, great broadcast!!!
Roger Ings: Great Shush!!
Kevin Edwards: Thanks Shush
Johnny from London: Tony rocks.
George Adamides: Great Webinar!!! You guys are AWESOME!!!! Lets BLOW THIS OUT OF THE WATER!!!!!
Raymond(Tanzania): Awesome!!
Tony Warde: Thank you, Shush! Amazing broadcast again – loved what the boys said, thanks again.
Eamon: Tony K is a legend !!!
sean/ Melvin SG: awesome broadcast