If you missed the broadcast with TeamSystemOnlines Eric  and Shush Arya today here is he recording:
=> http://bit.ly/Live19thJuly2012

Some Viewer Comments:
Andrew Chong (HK): Fabulous!!
Eva Urban: Thanks Eric for this fantastic, inspirational speach!
iggie (SG): Awesome sharing Eric
Pete Powderham: Thanks Eric. Appreciate your leadership mate
Carmen in Seattle: thanks, Eric! Awesome!
Heriandy, SG: Awesome!!
Franco Malta: GREAT SHUSH AS USUAL awesome
Mikail Mokuena: Smashing Broadcast Gents. Thanks
iggie (SG): Thanks Shush and Eric for your wonderful insights
Rich: Fantastic broadcast Shush and Eric!!!
Carmen in Seattle: Terrific!
Chrystel, in Bracknell, UK: thanks Shush, great as usual! of course we need you Peter too! ;o)
WiNNiE: i love the broadcast!
Kyle G: Great Call Today Eric and Shush!  Time for Beast Mode:)
Johnny from London: Great call. Great support.
James, SG: great one Shush & Eric!!! You guys are awesome!
iggie (SG): Fantabu;ous job
Jon Majeika UK: Fantastic broadcast Shush. Great team support!
Eamon: wow