If you missed the broadcast with TeamSystemOnlines Peter Powderham and Shush Arya today here is he recording:
=>  http://bit.ly/Live28thJune2012

Some Viewer Comments:

Jonas "the Swede"!!!: As always, our team calls is a perfect testament to how much fun we have!!!
Jon Majeika, UK: Great broadcast!  Thank you guys. Incredible team!
Dane Macedonia: great broadcast.. helped me a lot
majid: very exciting Shush.
Melvin: awsome=D
Johnny from London: Thank you guys. Fantastic, as always.
Dane Macedonia: for a beginner like me.. perfect
Dalibor: Great 😀
Clare Appleyard: Thanks guys!
Chrystel, Bracknell, UK: Great broadcast thank you!
Andrew HK: Thanks, guys!
Jodie McGovern Wiltshire: Great Shush Thanks
Raymond from Tanzania!!: Awesome broadcast Shush!!
Karlos: Thanks Guys!
Eamon: thanks again Shush
Dane Macedonia: bb sush
Johnny from London: BFN
Heriandy, SG: See you in Sept!
Boris Kuret SLO: ffANTASTIC …:-)
Mikail Mokuena: Great broadcast Gents..Thanks
Melvin: bb leaders
Braden, Johannesburg: Great it lifts spirits