A massive congraulations to Team Singapore who are doing fantastic things in sharing the WorldVentures winning story.

Here is a copy of an email from team leader James Lee describing the event:

I am very excited today!  And I must say this excitement that I have must have been 10 or 100 folds from Day 1!!!

Today, 9 Dec 2010, marks our (Singapore’s/ASIA’s) inaugural meeting in a BIG group!!!  The energy in the meeting was simply exceptional and positive!!!  You may ask, how positive?  Well, if I tell you it is almost close to 100% sign-ups right after the meeting ended, how positive and powerful do you reckon this can be?

For those of you who are present, you know how the meeting went.  If you knew it has such positive outcome, would you have invited more people?  And for those who has missed today’s meeting, please start working on your next meeting which is going to be next week.  A week from now, 16 Dec 2010, 7pm.  You want to bring your best people in front of a meeting like this one.  I have attached a few photos that we took during this evening’s meeting.

So plan ahead and start inviting for next week!!!  If you are serious about this, and if you put in 100% of your commitment, myself and the rest of the leaders will match yours!  Together, we will cover grounds!!!  ASIA will be OURS!!!