*WorldVentures DreamTrips are fulfilled by Rovia

Dear WorldVentures Partners,


It’s official: You are in the HOTTEST industry on the planet, right now. We have the right stuff, and it seems that not only our industry partners but the mom and pops and goliaths of the technology world see a prize in the $7 trillion travel industry. Just look at the landscape: Google, Groupon, Living Social, even companies in the network marketing industry are looking at ours as a great position to be in.

With the rise of social media and consumer empowerment through it providing the basis for so much of our buying decisions, we know how perfectly we are positioned. We have the world’s coolest vacation club, with DreamTrips and a social culture already the envy of an industry. Combine this with our experience, success and our strategy to cultivate a new breed of educated traveler (and customer!), and your future begins to look very exciting.

So, how do we respond to newcomers? How do we make sure our stake is protected? The answer may surprise you: We’re already doing it and have been for over a year, actually, adding daily value, greater selection, exclusive benefits, rewards programs that are the richest anywhere, a social connection that allows you to share and create value for anyone, whether a member or just a friend of a friend of a friend. All the while with growing momentum behind our cultural mission to add more fun, freedom and fulfillment to people’s lives, all over the world.

In the coming months, we will plant our flag for all to see, not just at a presentation or a meeting but anywhere anyone is invited, worldwide, and make a definitive statement that "We have a better way." While  the ocean we sail is vast, we say to all who would join us, "Come on in, the water is fine." We have the advantage, we saw the opportunities and we have positioned ourselves perfectly to take advantage of the increased awareness and maintain your position, your future, your security and opportunity.

Welcome aboard, this is getting fun!

To Your Massive WorldVentures Success.

Peter Powderham & Shush Arya